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{January 14, 2012}   Long time no type.

It has been a long time since I’ve been on here, not exactly sure what to do with this. I don’t have anyone that reads this, nor do I have anything to write about……hmmmm. Maybe next week I will start looking typing out my 1/2 marathon journey. It might be good to look back at on May 7th (the day after the race) to remind myself what I put myself through. That seems like a good idea….for now, who knows what will come after that!


{January 19, 2011}   January 19, 2011

So today I am at CCAC Allegheny campus and I noticed somethings on the way into school and while I have been here.

1. When driving into school a light was not working properly. It was flashing yellow to my right and left and to me it was flashing red. Why do people not know what to do in this situation? If you have a flashing yellow light then you have the right of way, however, you should proceed WITH CAUTION. If you are have a red light you are to act as if you are at an intersection with a STOP SIGN. If all lights are blinking RED or are NOT ON, then it should be treated as a four-way stop (or however many stops there are). This is one of the many reasons why people should have to RETAKE a driving and written test when their license expires.

2. If you are wearing Skinny Jeans (one of the dumbest trends EVER, IMO) your object is to look skinny-er. If you are a size 8 and over you should probably NOT wear them. They make you look like 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound casing. Its not good for the rest of us. Also if you goal is to look skinny why would you ruin the out fit by wearing shoes that make your feet look disproportionate to the rest of your body. If you have on Timbs or skater shoes, even flip flops, and heels, you are making your feet look longer and/or bulky then the way they would look if you were wearing “normal” jeans. If you insist on wearing skinny jeans (however I have heard they are on their way out, THANK YOU), please wear either stylish boots i.e. uggs, emus, or dressy boots; or flats (although some make your feet look funny yet again.); or if its snowing/raining and you don’t have stylish boots, regular snow/rain boots are fine too.

3. Why is it that college students think its ok to yell/scream/holler about their personal lives to their friends that are sitting at the same table. If I am 20 feet away from you I shouldn’t be able to hear your personal convo. I should especially not be able to hear it above everyone else’s noise. Also what is it with swearing every two seconds. I can understand if you are out having fun with friends and using profane language every now and again. However, you are at school to get an education and be a productive member of society, you should probably act like that when you are in public.

4. Walk the way you drive. If you drive on the right side of the road, walk on the right side of the street/crosswalk or whatever it is you are walking on. If there is more than one door, don’t be lazy and wait for everyone to get out of the ONE door, open another. If you are going through a door do not be so lazy as to push the handicap button to open the door for you. Really??? why must people do that? Also if I am going through the door before you and I kinda hold it open but I am still walking, do not hurry up and get close to me so that you don’t have to hold open the door for yourself. To sum it up people need to STOP BEING LAZY!!!!!!!

Thats all for now at 11:23 am, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings!!!!

{November 12, 2010}   Driving

Why is it that driving seems to be such an issue with people today? I will be sitting at a light (the first car mind you) going straight, the light turns green, and the car across from me (turning to their left my right) starts making their turn. Now correct me if I’m wrong but if I am going straight do I not have the right of way? They beep and look at me like I’m the idiot! GARH!!!! Or how about the people that don’t use their turn signals and pull out in front of you, or suddenly stop to turn, or the people that keep their signals on so you give them space to let them over and they don’t go. Another pet peeve is merging. If you just take turns it will go easier and be less of a headache!

I feel if people would just use common sense there would be less accidents, and less road rage. But alas who am I and what do I know???

{November 4, 2010}   Hello world!

Hello to whomever may read this. I decided to start a blog, mostly so I can rant about things, and have a forum to “share” my beliefs and what is going on. I doubt anyone will really read it, but I am sure it will make me feel good to “tell some” the stuff going on in my head/around me. I may post once a day, once a month, or multiple times a day. It all depends on my mood, and the topic will change based on my mood as well. It could be political, it could be religious, it could be about sports, it could just be about how much I don’t like people. Whatever I post on here I ask of one thing, don’t bash my thoughts, I won’t bash yours. If you are going to disagree with me please do not resort to name calling it makes you look like a child, and will make you look unintelligent, and you might actually be vary smart.

In short this blog is going to be about me and my life, if you don’t like it stop reading.

Thanks and have a great day!

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